Newcastle United players are not allowed to shake hands.

Newcastle United's Matthew Longstaff celebrated after breaking into Manchester United's goal at St James.

Steve Bruce, implementing an unusual policy for his troops to stay away from the corona virus.
Steve Bruce has banned Newcastle United players from shaking hands with fellow players and club staff.

The policy was taken at the suggestion of club doctor, Paul Catterson, who suggested that players should minimize physical contact to stop the potential spread of the corona virus.

"There is a ritual here that everyone shakes hands once they see each other every morning. We have stopped it on the doctor's advice," Steve Bruce said.

"Thankfully, we have a great doctor here and he gave us information about what to do."

"Let's hope that (corona virus) won't get worse in this country."

"We feel like other people, we are only fixated on TV to see what situations will come next," he said.

Steve Bruce

"We've stopped that on the advice of the doctor"

Newcastle have introduced a ground handshake training ban in an attempt to guard against the spread of the coronavirus

The Newcastle players and staff have not experienced the flu-like or fever symptoms that characterize the corona virus disease.

The action was taken as an anticipatory step carried out by Newcastle because of concerns about the spread of the corona virus that is increasingly widespread.

The spread of the corona virus or Covid-19, which has spread to the European continent, has threatened various sporting agendas.

In fact, several matches in the Italian Serie A must be postponed due to the corona virus which has penetrated into Italy.


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