PSG Goalkeeper Call Angel Di Maria Hate Manchester United.

PSG Goalkeeper Call Angel Di Maria Hate Manchester United.
Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) winger, Angel Di Maria.

Paris Saint-Germain's flagship winger, Angel Di Maria, apparently hates one of the clubs he has defended before, Manchester United.

One year defending Manchester United left a bad impression for Angel Di Maria.

Di Maria moved to Manchester United in the summer of 2014 after four years strengthening Real Madrid.

Di Maria's transfer value at that time reached a fairly high figure, which is 75 million euros.

Joining at the age of ripe, 26 years, Di Maria is expected to have a significant impact for Man United.

However, the player who is now 32 years old could not show a game that is just as impressive as when defending Real Madrid.

High expectations from management and pressure from Red Devils supporters made Angel Di Maria's performance sluggish.

Therefore, Di Maria did not last long at the club that has the headquarters of the Old Trafford Stadium.

PSG Goalkeeper Call Angel Di Maria Hate Manchester United.
Angel Di Maria.

Now, almost five years ago, Di Maria did not want to remember the times when he played at Manchester United.

In fact, the Argentine national team player hated Manchester United.

This was revealed by Di Maria's colleague at Paris Saint-Germain, Marcin Bulka.

Bulka, who plays goalkeeper, said Di Maria did not have a good memory with Manchester United.

"Di Maria hates Manchester United.

"He doesn't have a good memory of the time he spent there."

"Even when something related to Manchester United appears on television, he changes channels quickly," Bulka added.

Di Maria only lasted one season at Manchester United.

In the summer of 2015, he decided to leave and join Paris Saint Germain.


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