Reasons Why Liverpool Need to Take Philippe Coutinho Home

Liverpool were advised to bring Philippe Coutinho back to Anfield by their legend, Steve McManaman.


Barcelona attacking midfielder on loan at Bayern Munich, Philippe Coutinho.

After releasing Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona in the winter of 2018, Liverpool are now advised to bring home the player nicknamed The Little Magician.

The advice was given by one of their legendary players, Steve McManaman.

Liverpool once stated that they did not want to buy Coutinho again because they would not enter into Juergen Klopp's strategy.

However, McManaman felt that this was not right.

He believes Coutinho can still be useful for The Red.

That's because McManaman knows Coutinho is the type of player who can change the course of the game when the strategy is deadlocked.


 Philippe Coutinh 

"I don't mind seeing Coutinho returning to Liverpool

"There are rumors that Xherdan Shaqiri will leave at the end of the season, and if there is space available then I definitely want Coutinho back, because he is an extraordinary player for Liverpool."

"He's the type of player who can change the game when the original plan doesn't work," McManaman added.

Coutinho recorded 201 appearances and recorded 54 goals and 45 assists for Liverpool during his five-year career in England.

However, since moving to Barcelona, Coutinho has decreased performance, and finally loaned out to Bayern Munich. 


 Philippe Coutinho record with Barcelona.

With only 27 years of age, Coutinho still has plenty of time to restore his form to his time at Liverpool.

Maybe returning to Liverpool is a way to restore Coutinho's appearance.




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