So Yamaha Test Racer, Jorge Lorenzo Recalls His Suffering While at Honda

Jorge Lorenzo, who now acts as a Yamaha test driver, relates his suffering while still racing with Repsol Honda.


Action Repsol Honda racer, Jorge Lorenzo in the free practice session of the first day of the 2019 Catalunya MotoGP, Friday (6/14/2019)

Jorge Lorenzo has ended his long stint as a racer in the MotoGP class at the end of last season with the Repsol Honda team.

Now he is playing a new role by becoming a test rider, aka the test driver in his old team, Yamaha, starting the 2020 season.

Together with former Valentino Rossi's chief crew, Silvano Galbusera, Lorenzo will work hand in hand and take full responsibility for the development of the YZR-M1 motorcycle.

Being able to return to Yamaha does not necessarily make Lorenzo forget the hardships and difficult situations he had encountered while still strengthening Repsol Honda.

"I suffered while racing for Honda, but life is to be enjoyed, not suffering especially when you have won so many wins," said Jorge Lorenzo.

Being able to join Honda was a luxury for Lorenzo where he had the chance to be able to offer victories to three different manufacturers.

"One of the drivers' dreams is to be able to strengthen Honda at least once in a lifetime," he said.

"I am fortunate that in three weeks I have a chance to do what racers have not done in history and win with three different manufacturers," he explained.

However, that hope vanished after he was unable to appear competitive even just to finish in the top 10 positions.

His poor performance was further compounded after he had to suffer an injury to his spine while undergoing a 2019 free MotoGP Dutch training session.

"I have never appeared competitive, nor have I ever achieved good results, especially with the injury I experienced at Assen who had a hand in the decisions I made," he said.


Repsol Honda racer, Jorge Lorenzo, decided to retire from MotoGP due to a back injury he suffered.

The injury is one of the biggest driving factors for Jorge Lorenzo to end his long career as a racer in the MotoGP class.

"Without the injury, maybe I will survive and try again the following season, but that has changed my way of thinking and retiring into real thinking," Lorenzo said.

The explanation of the Spanish nationality became increasingly apparent when he recalled his failure to redeem the trust that had been given by the Repsol Honda Manager, Alberto Puig.

"It's not easy to take that decision, because I can't afford to pay the trust that Honda and Alberto Puig gave me," Lorenzo said.

Lorenzo's best results while still on the RC213V motorbike finished in 11th place in the 2019 French MotoGP series which took place at the Le Mans Circuit.

"I have struggled and suffered a lot while still racing with Honda, and there was no compensation for that," said Jorge Lorenzo.


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