LeBron Brings Los Angeles Lakers to Beat Knicks

LEBRON James appeared excellent and Anthony Davis found his performance when the Los Angeles Lakers regained their humiliating defeat at the Boston Celtics by posting a 100-92 victory over the Knicks in New York on Wednesday (1/22/2020) local time.

James scored 19 of his 21 points in the first quarter and Davis recorded 17 of the 28 points in the match in the second quarter, continuing his improved second appearance after missing five games due to injury.

These results mark the return of the best playing pattern of the Western Conference NBA team leader, who had suffered their worst defeat this season on Monday when they lost 139-107 to the Celtics in Boston.

"Obviously what happened in Boston is we were not there to play at all, there was no pattern and performance," Davis said. "We are trying not to lose twice in a row, we bounced back tonight with a big win against a hungry team."

"We just want to make sure we continue playing Lakers-style basketball, continue to play defensively while pushing the pace offensively."

"When we do those things, we are a difficult team to beat."

The Lakers, whose records improved to 35-9, received 13 points from Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and 10 from Kyle Kuzma.

James played eight of 10 shots in 17 minutes of the first half, but the Lakers still drew 48-48 in the first round against the Knicks in third from bottom for the Eastern Conference.

Although in the second quarter began to weaken in terms of scoring points, James still contributed four of the five steals after the break.

"This is a slow-moving game, so defensive patterns are the key to our success tonight," James said. "I try to start the game aggressively and I can make myself a leader. The AD is also able to bridge the slackening of the game so that it becomes a beautiful basketball."


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