MotoGP World Championship 2020 Will Still Be There


CEO Dorna Carmelo Ezpeleta asserted that the MotoGP 2020 world championship will continue to exist even though currently the holding of the first two racing series has been disrupted due to the Corona aka Covid-19 virus outbreak. reported earlier, Qatar MotoGP racing series which is scheduled to take place at the Losail International Circuit on March 6-8 will be canceled following the Qatari government regulations related to the duration of quarantine for two weeks for immigrants from Italy.

In fact, many MotoGP racers from Italy, including Valentino Rossi (Monster Energy Yamaha) and Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati).

The racing series in Qatar will only eventually hold races for the Moto2 and Moto3 classes.

This happened because the drivers were already in Losail to take the final preseason test before the Qatari government issued their new policy.

Meanwhile, the Thailand 2020 MotoGP racing series scheduled for the Chang International Circuit on March 20-22 will be postponed.

This delay was carried out following the death toll due to the Corona virus in Thailand at the end of last week.

Thus, the implementation of MotoGP 2020 so far has been delayed up to one month.

If there were no more changes, then the Americas MotoGP which took place at the Circuit of the Americas aka CotA in Austin, Texas, United States (US) on 3-5 April 2020 will be the opening series of premier racing class.

Personally, Carmelo Ezpeleta claimed to still hope to hold 20 racing series, but he will continue to monitor the current situation from day to day.

"Of course there will still be a MotoGP 2020. We will continue to run it and keep monitoring the situation because this is changing from day to day, but our hope is to hold all the races on the 2020 season calendar," Ezpelata said.


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