Zlatan Ibrahimovic in AC Milan is erratic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic in AC Milan is erratic
AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic celebrates a goal against Inter Milan in the Italian League party at Giuseppe Meazza.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic's fate at AC Milan became uncertain after news of the departure of Chief Football Officer, Zvonimir Boban, and Technical Director, Paolo Maldini.

Zvonimir Boban is rumored to be leaving AC Milan after being involved in a conflict with Eliiot Management, especially CEO Ivan Gazidis.

Boban accused Elliot Management of playing around behind him with plans to bring in Ralf Rangnick as Milan's new coach next season.

"Contact with Rangnick? There was no notification at all. It was certainly rude and not elegant. That is not the style of Milan that I know of," said Zvonimir of Italian Football.

Various reports in Italy speculate that Boban could be released from his duties tonight local time.

The departure of Boban from the Rossoneri was rumored to be followed by his colleague, Paolo Maldini.

The departure of the director duo is predicted to have an impact on Ibrahimovic's future.

Previously, Boban and Maldini tried to extend the contract of the Swedish passport player until 2021.

Even so, there is a clause that says the contract will be extended if Milan qualify for the Champions League.

Apart from Milan's final position in the standings, Maldini admitted the agreement with Ibra would still be discussed openly.

"There will always be a personal discussion with Ibrahimovic. That is, we will have an open dialogue. It's always like that," said the former Milan captain.

The same thing was conveyed by Boban. According to him, Milan must negotiate a new agreement with the Swede.

"Everyone can see the impact Zlatan Ibrahimovic has. He is a special player, I think there is no doubt we should start discussing the issue of possible contract renewal for next season, regardless of the final team's results, and we must do it now," Boban said.

The arrival of Ibra to San Siro for the second time could not be separated from the role of Boban and Maldini.

If the two people leave the club, the fate of the former LA Galaxy player is predicted to be unclear.

There is no guarantee that Gazidis will maintain Ibra, especially with such a high salary.


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